The process

We started with deep research of the brand, trying to maintain the Dyson ideals, details and style. During the ideation phase, different sketches and physical prototypes were fundamental to understand dimensions, shape, and interaction with the product. Thanks to the perfect mix of analysis and ideation, we were able to create a Moka that follows perfectly the guidelines of Dyson.






3D modeling + rendering 

The project

Aroma is composed of different sectors that make the product functional and unique. From the upper dome, in which it's possible to pour the water, to the Dyson engine that characterizes the entire design.​

The interface is thought to be simple and intuitive. Thanks to a dedicated app, we were able to reduce the complexity and dimension of the product interface.


The challenge

Experimenting the combination of a kitchen appliance, with a brand that has a strong design DNA. A concept of a coffee Moka designed following the strong identity of Dyson.