The process

We started with a deep analysis of the brand, setting ourselves on some stylistic guidelines that could embody the woodworkings and a harmonious combination of multiple elements. We started from the scenario of the living room, which is more suitable to be then adapted to different uses and areas. The right mix of these starting constraints and numerous sketches brought us to the final result.




Research & Benchmarking


3D Modeling + Renderings

The project

Fly is a wooden coffee table, designed for common areas that meet simple needs. We were inspired by Porada’s materials, pushing onto the wood and metal details design. Maintaining a fair balance reaching the final result. The geometric elements are inspired by simple lines that have the purpose of enhancing the curves of the wooden surface.​


The challenge

Design a coffee table able to represent the values of Porada. Our challenge was to bring originality through new designs, creating solutions for an innovative combination of woodworking and other materials.